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you may remove my artist comments when you reblog my art
and you may edit/use my art for whatever as long as you dont pretend that you drew it yourself/trace over it or post it unsourced

art requests are welcome!

Anonyme asked: I think I saw on twitter that girl who drew you something, do you know her or something

i dont, but i definitely always appreciate everything thats drawn for me!
i still have and cherish art people have drawn for me from like… 2003 on oekaki boards and pokemon forums (:D)| ̄|_ any art given to me Will Never Die

Anonyme asked: omg autumn and summer are so cute! can we see more of them, please?

yes for sure!! i draw pretty slowly but ill do my best to draw more of them asap :D

and thank you very much!! im very glad to hear that you like them!